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  • What is this brand’s value to the enterprise?
  • Is this brand a part of a trend or a category game changer?
  • Is this brand ready for a product-line extension?
  • Who is this brand’s target audience?
  • Who will advocate for this brand among other consumers?
  • How should our brand approach a new market?
  • How should our brand engage our customers to deliver our sales goal?
  • What tools & tactics do we need to produce to attract and convert customers?

We provide brand-centered due diligence that enables private equity, venture capital, and private debt firms to better understand a brand's competitive health, most valuable attributes, purchase and market dynamics, and potential areas for growth.

BVA brand diligence insights have:

  • Clarified investment theses concerning potential product line extensions
  • Helped investors understand the value of brand as a licensed property
  • Predicted rates of consumer adoption for a number of new ventures

For firms without a robust in-house marketing resource, BVA acts as an external, full-service CMO and marketing department.

As an interim CMO and advisory team we have:

  • Guided a performance bike company transitioning from single brand to multi-brand portfolio
  • Developed successful launch and adoption programs for new products and services
  • Managed the creation and implementation of multi-channel national marketing programs

We offer a comprehensive and fully customizable quantitative and qualitative research platform that allows stakeholders to uncover brand insights including both directional understanding of consumer preferences and hard data concerning consumer habits.

Our research practice has:

  • Constructed in-depth virtual ethnographies
  • Defined areas for market growth
  • Uncovered key brand purchase drivers
  • Quantified brand momentum

Our core brand development and strategic positioning offering builds resonant and powerful brands that maximize our clients' brand potential and their brands' contribution to enterprise value.

We have:

  • Repositioned growing businesses for market expansion
  • Helped aging brands identify new audiences
  • Created brand architectures that reduce organizational bureaucracy
  • Turned product-forward companies into lifestyle brands embraced by consumers

Our digital production capability includes full-scale web and mobile development. We create web and mobile properties that build brand and leverage technology for our clients.

We have built:

  • Unique mobile commerce platforms for national retailers
  • Global GPS-enabled mobile transportation booking and management applications
  • Beautiful brand-forward websites and digital advertising for consumer brands
  • Internal social networking platforms improving workflow management and corporate culture

Our creative services bring brands to life. We develop brand logos and identities, and create long and short-form branded video, print advertising, unique branded experiences, and creative sponsorship and partnership opportunities.

Our team has:

  • Produced documentaries for massive entertainment brands
  • Designed reinvigorating logos for restaging brands
  • Developed co-branded sponsor content leveraging strong brand associations

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