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Ideation: Creation : Realization

BVA | blend. is a brand creative and production partnership from Brand Value Advisors and Los Angeles brand studio blend. BVA | blend. brings BVA brand strategy to life through innovative digital products, unique brand identities, and engaging brand creative. Led by Senior Advisor Matt Bijarchi, BVA | blend. is the production powerhouse that builds the tools BVA's clients need to activate and accelerate transformational brand plans.

Our Suite of Services

For both financial sponsors and consumer brand management teams, BVA | blend. offers a tailored suite of production and creative services, including:

  • Web and mobile design and development –designing the unique web and mobile products from ecommerce to two-way GPS tracking that ignite consumer demand
  • Brand identity and style guide—creating lasting and compelling representations of your brand that effectively communicate brand values and ensure consistency in all brand communications
  • Branded video—directing engaging video content that forges deeper connections between your brand and your customers, and your brand and your employees

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