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BVA | 8 is a consumer research and data analysis partnership from Brand Value Advisors and 8 Acre Perspective—leaders in strategic market research. BVA | 8's research platform serves as a critical foundation for BVA's brand strategy and CMO services. Led by Senior Advisor Jim Neuwirth, BVA | 8 is the research engine that powers BVA's brand strategy process, providing the critical inputs that enable us to turn brand insights into roadmaps for brand action.

Brand Contribution Indicators – BCI

BVA | 8 is proud to offer BCI, "Brand Contribution Indicators," a proprietary due diligence tool that provides critical inputs for brand valuations. Built upon eight years of brand research, this cost effective and fast turnaround service provides essential consumer marketplace perspective that complements financial and industry data analyses. Via the proprietary OCP index and other key metrics, BCI helps investors, managers, and strategists achieve a more complete brand assessment so that they can make decisions with greater confidence.

Our Suite of Services

For both financial sponsors and consumer brand management teams, BVA | 8 offers a full suite of quantitative and qualitative research methods. Our research services include, but are not limited to:

  • Market segmentation – helping you identify target segments and reach them with the right messaging, media and distribution strategies.
  • Brand positioning – enabling you to clearly assess competitive strengths and weaknesses, identify whitespace opportunities and know what levers to pull to most impact brand consideration
  • Loyalty Analysis – providing not just measurement of customer satisfaction and loyalty but also clear direction on how to strengthen and grow relationships
  • Product development – from idea conception to beta testing, we have the tools to help you successfully and confidently enhance your offering
  • Communications evaluation – providing a wide range of programs to explore consumer reactions to written and digital communications
  • Usability research – ensuring your website and web-tools are meeting the needs of your target audiences
  • Custom competitive category and brand analysis – leveraging our database access, B2B network, social media analysis and other resources, we can provide a thoughtful overview and assessment of your target brand, its competitors and industry.

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